What is Psychological Astrology?

Susanne Hof

Astrology is a 5000 year old symbolic language which describes the quality of time of a certain moment, for example a birth. The horoscope created for this moment in time – the picture of the stellar constellations – can be compared to a map of your predispositions and potential. The astrologer’s function is to translate these symbols.

In psychological astrology your horoscope is seen as an image of your personality traits and predispositions that wish to be fulfilled. Psychology helps us to look into your early childhood conditioning and the resulting behaviour patterns. Such conditioning, with its subsequent reactions, can develop into great strengths in the course of a life – and can also create problems. In situations of conflict and stress we tend to have a narrower field of vision and thereby block ourselves considerably.

Here psychological astrology can provide constructive means of dealing in a better way with obstacles and constraints or even developing strengths and talents from them. By enhancing awareness and helping to understand deeper connections, psychological astrology is the appropriate guidance for shaping your life in your own individual way.

In a psychological-astrological consultation you will receive answers to questions such as:Susanne Hof

A psychological-astrological consultation will not relieve you of the decisions you need to make in your life, but it will offer you possible solutions on your way to designing your life path in a conscious and self-responsible way.