About me

Susanne HofBorn 1964 in Vienna, I soon discovered that people and their life paths and experiences are of immense interest to me. For me life is a cyclical process with its ups and downs. The experiences made in this process give us the opportunity to grow and mature on various levels. Psychological astrology has impressed me as a useful tool to accompany people on their life path, which I use to offer people valuable insights into their current situation in order to provide them with broader perspectives.

Susanne HofQualification

3 year training course in “Psychological Astrology” at SFER, an internationally reputed school based in Zurich, Basel and Salzburg which offers highly regarded training in psychological astrology. The training course is accompanied by mandatory supervisions with renowned astrologers and teachers such as Hannelore Traugott, Claude Weiss and Verena Bachmann. Completed with graduate consulting certificate.

SFER graduate consulting certificate
SFER certificate

1 year supplementary training in “Psychology for Astrologers” in Salzburg with Hannelore Traugott, Dr. Dietrich Eck and Dr. Renate Frühmann (psychologists and supervisory therapists of TRYAS).

Further training and astrological seminars with Lynn Bell, Darby Costello, Brian Clark and Karen Hamaker-Zondag.