General Terms and Conditions

With your order you confirm having read the General Terms and Conditions and to accept these as forming the basis of the legal transaction. Any and all existing terms of business of the purchaser are not recognised and are invalid.

1. Contracting parties

The contract for the order of a consultation in Psychological Astrology exists solely between the purchaser and Ms. Susanne Hof, Certified Psychological Astrologist. Any queries, complaints or claims concerning the consultations ordered or concerning the process of ordering can be directed to Ms. Susanne Hof at any time:

E-Mail: office@susanne-hof.com2.

Conclusion of the Contract

For the contract to be concluded between the purchaser and Ms. Susanne Hof concerning an analysis of the desired horoscope with subsequent consultation, all fields marked “*” in the order form must be completed in full and correctly. Should one of these fields not be completed, the order cannot be processed and no valid contract will be concluded. By clicking the button “send” the purchaser confirms the accuracy and completeness of the data supplied and thereby electronically transmits the order to Ms. Susanne Hof. By dispatching the order the purchaser is bound to this order and explicitly declares his agreement to the General Terms and Conditions. To confirm receipt of the order the purchaser will receive a confirmation via e-mail.

3. Subject of the Contract

Subject of the contract is the composition and analysis of a horoscope from the range of products offered by Ms. Susanne Hof, with a subsequent consultation. The horoscope is individually composed by Ms. Susanne Hof, based on the information regarding date of birth, time of birth and birthplace provided by the purchaser in the order form.

4. Fees and Mode of Payment

The current fees for composition, analysis and subsequent personal consultation can be accessed at any time under Consultation and Fees. The amount due is tax-free, owing to the small-enterprises-regulation. Payment is made in cash at the end of the consultation. When ordering a gift voucher the fee is transferred in advance onto the account of Ms. Susanne Hof. The voucher is transmitted on receipt of payment.

5. Obligations of the Purchaser

The purchaser of a horoscope analysis with subsequent consultation, or of a gift voucher, is obliged to supply valid and complete information in the order form. The purchaser is liable for any damage resulting from the breach of this obligation.

6. Cancellation Policy

In case of non-appearance of the client at the consultation, the purchaser will be charged with 100% of the fee. In case of cancellation (by telephone or e-mail) on the part of the purchaser up to 48 hours prior to the consultation no costs arise for the purchaser. In case of cancellation (by telephone or e-mail) at a later point than 48 hours prior to the consultation the purchaser is charged with 100% of the fee. A postponement of the consultation date (by telephone or e-mail) is only possible up to 1 week prior to the consultation date.

7. Warranty and Liability

Ms. Susanne Hof composes the desired horoscope conscientiously and carefully, according to recognised astrological principles. Ms. Susanne Hof however does not guarantee the accuracy of the data necessary for the horoscope analysis. Ms. Susanne Hof is on no account liable for damage or other consequences owing to statements or references made in the consultation; unless this damage or other consequences were incurred intentionally or grossly negligent.

8. Data Protection

The personal data supplied in the course of the order process will be handled in strict confidence by Ms. Susanne Hof and will be used exclusively for the purpose of the horoscope analysis.

9. Miscellaneous

The contractual relationship at issue is exclusively subject to Austrian law, excluding conflict of laws regulations of Austrian private law. Agreed place of jurisdiction for all litigation from and in connection to the General Terms and Conditions at issue is Vienna (§ 104 JN). The agreement on place of jurisdiction does not apply if Ms. Susanne Hof files a lawsuit against a purchaser who is a consumer according to the Consumer Protection Laws and who has his abode or his ordinary residence in Austria or who is employed in Austria. Should any term of the General Terms and Conditions at issue be invalid, on whatever grounds, the validity of the other terms remain untouched.

I agree to the electronic recording of my data by Ms. Susanne Hof and to the receipt of further offers of Ms. Susanne Hof by post or e-mail. I acknowledge that I may at any time revoke this agreement.